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27 Feb 2017 
At any workplace, both the employer and the employees are bound by the law. There are a set of rules and regulations, which has to be followed by either party, for a healthy environment at the workplace. Employers will usually hire the legal advisors, who will help them with the timely suggestion; but, this is not the case with employees. There are few things, which are unknown to employees but must be strictly followed by them. When these suggestions are taken seriously and implemented, it will create a safe environment around you and will save you from unnecessary conflicts. It is important for the employees to know about their rights in the workplace, and this can prevent them from becoming the victims of discrimination, bullying, and mental and physical harassments. MKI Legal is a law firm in Perth with experienced employment lawyers; this company is helping its clients? know about their rights, and also offer excellent suggestions on workplace behavior.

Below are few tips from the lawyers, to the employees-

1. Before signing your employment contract, you need to go through it at least thrice. Sometimes, this contract can also be a trap, according to which, you are supposed to do, whatever your employer asks you to do. You need to make sure that, you have understood every clause, which is mentioned in the agreement, and sign it only after you are convinced with the points referred to in the contract.

2. Never talk about your employer or HR or Supervisor, behind their back, in front of other colleagues. If you are having any issues with authority, you should talk to them directly.

3. Any information that is related to the company should not be shared with the third party, who does not belong to your company, however strong the reasons might be.

4. In the case of any dispute at the workplace, if you are the reason for it, you should accept it. And, if you are the victim, never silence your voice. Complaint about the dispute to the authority; if the answers are not convincing, then you should file a legal suit against the person responsible for your problems, with the help of an employment lawyer.
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